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The Huntington

Desert Garden in 3-D

a portion of the cactus garden
A Portion of the Cactus Garden (3-D panorama below)

The Huntington has the largest collection of mature cacti and succulents in North America. The desert garden is my first stop every time I visit the Huntington. My favorite times are on overcast days when the lighting mutes and evens out the diversity and scale of the plantings. The Huntington is located in San Marino, California and is an easy drive from downtown Los Angeles or from the San Fernando Valley. It is worth many return visits.

Below is a 3-D panoramic stereogram of the view shown above. In order to view it in 3-D (stereoscopically) you will need a pair of red and blue anaglyph glasses. These can be obtained from Armchair World . Enjoy!

3-D Anaglyph Panorama of a small portion of the garden
©2000 Gary Fisher
drag picture with your mouse

requires red-blue 3-D glasses

text and photographs © 2000 Gary Fisher

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