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The 2000 Los Angeles Marathon Bike Tour VI
aka The Acura LA Bike Tour

riders at McArthur Park
Riders at McArthur Park

This year brought back memories of the first L.A. Marathon Bike Tour in 1995. In that year there was a light drizzle and I expected then that most of those who signed up would skip the chance to ride on the wet streets of Los Angeles at 6:00AM. I was wrong. And the ride was great.

This year's March 5th bike tour was met with the worst weather since the LA marathon was first run fifteen years ago. But based on my 1995 experience I wasn't surprised when a full contingent of riders showed up for the 6AM start.

It was cold for LA and drizzling. As in any normally sunny melting pot city, we have our mix of the weather clueless, the weather unfazed and the weather prepared. The weather clueless came in attire more fitting a warm summer's ride - tee shirts and cotton shorts - and they paid the price. The weather unfazed came in traditional macho road racing gear - and if they paid a price you'd never know it. The weather prepared came wearing an odd assortment of foul weather gear ranging from Gore-Tex pants and jackets at the high end to various improvised solutions at the low end mainly centering around the ubiquitous garbage bag. My guess is that those in the prepared group had the more pleasant ride. For those of the mountaineering persuasion "the joy of being prepared" is kind of akin to being in a high mountain tent in a down sleeping bag above timber line with the weather raging and you feeling warm, comfortable and secure.

through downtown
through downtown

The ride started promptly at 6AM with everyone in high spirits. As the ride progressed, the light drizzle turned to a cold rain and the weather clueless got a gradual first-hand introduction to the mysterious phrase "wind chill factor". Although I've never done it, I suspect that riding a bike at 15 mph in wet, windy 48-degree weather in a cotton tee for about 22 miles is no fun except for a masochist. For the rest of us the weather added one more twist to an annual bike tour that can only be described as a wonderful way to experience the diversity of L.A. without the cars.

at the finish
at the finish

©2000 Gary Fisher
photographs ©2000 Gary Fisher

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Author's note: For those wishing to run or bike in the 2001 Los Angeles Marathon, check out the information under Armchair World's Public Service Announcements.

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