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Fountain Accessories:

Distressed Glass Balls

distressed glass balls

These cast glass balls have a subtle light green color, are translucent and are 1-inch in diameter. They have interior air bubbles and surface pits which adds to their beauty when you place them in your fountain. They are especially effective if lit from below (see our underwater light). There are approximately 15 balls per pound.

Distressed Glass Balls - (apprx. 1" dia )
Product Code: A-206$15.50 per pound portion - 2 pound minimum
# of 2 Pound portions

Shipping Note: Due to the high shipping weight of these glass balls, the shipping charge quoted is for FEDEX Ground to the continental US. If you would like us to ship by other means, let us know your preference (use the on-line order form "comments") and we will quote you. Thanks!

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