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Armchair World's Indoor Fountain Kit™

with Aquarium Systems 404 pump

just add water and your imagination

Armchair World Fountain Kit

Armchair World Indoor Fountain Kits provide the basic components; add your imagination to create your unique indoor water fountain.

Each of our kits contain: a powerful pump motor, a great looking copper water bubbler, tubing (used to raise the bubbler to the desired height in your fountain - cut to fit your specific needs) and a booklet with detailed instructions.

You supply a container, a few decorative objects and your time; the result will be a unique fountain expressing your own artistry. We could have added a bowl, rocks or other decorative objects to our basic kit but then it would have been our fountain, not yours. We just have never believed in the idea behind "painting by the numbers."

Our kits come with a powerful and quiet, 110 volt submersible pump:

A-151 = Sicce Mi-Mouse pump (1-3/4" wide, 2" deep, 1-5/8" high, 70 gph max). Low-profile, low flow rate.

A-150 = The Aquarium Systems 404 pump is 1-3/8"wide, 2-1/8" deep and 2-1/4" high. Flow rate is adjustable between 21 gph and 106gph. The maximum water head is 30". The Aquarium Systems pump requires a minimum of 1-1/2" water depth. Use this kit when you need an extremely quiet motor or for your larger indoor water fountains; particularly if you are raising water above 15 inches. (Note that flow rate decreases with increasing water head.)

The flow rate on both pumps is adjustable allowing you to set just the right output to fit your unique creation. The Mi-Mouse Fountain kit is recommended for small fountain projects and the Aquarium Systems 404 fountain kit for your larger fountains or those requiring greater flow rates. We have found both of these pumps to be reliable, easy to maintain and durable. They are both manufactured in Italy.

Our specially sized copper water bubbler lets water circulate without splashing. It enhances your fountain design visually and acoustically. The combination of our bubbler and our kit's adjustable flow rate pump allows you to create a fountain with beautiful water patterns and complex sounds tailored to your own particular taste.

In our Fountain Kit Booklet you will find detailed instructions on how to design and set up your fountain. Topics include: The fountain container, Fountain objects, Fountain aesthetics, Construction in detail, Maintenance and Some Do's and Don'ts

Buy your fountain from Armchair World, a company with over 10 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of unique tabletop indoor fountains.

Armchair World Indoor Fountain Kit with Mi-Mouse Pump

Product Code: A-151$44.88

Armchair World Indoor Fountain Kit with Aquarium Systems Pump

Product Code: A-150$48.95

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