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Jade Bell Outdoor Water Feature

You can adjust your water bell diameter from between 4" to 16" Your water bell height is adjustable

Our Jade Bell Outdoor Fountain is a beautiful, elegant and an impressive water feature for your patio or garden. The Jade Bell creates a mesmerizing water display while generating beautiful water sounds.

You customize the look, feel and sound of your fountain to fit your garden or patio. .an impressive water feature for your patio or garden.

Our fountain has a stunning variegated light jade green glaze on both it's interior and exterior set off by the unglazed stoneware lip (blue interior glaze no longer available). The fountain is 57 inches in circumference (18" in diameter) by 8 inches high.

A powerful three-wire 110 volt submersible pump powers the Jade Bell Fountain. The water output of the pump is adjustable. A watertight electrical feed-through (in the back of the fountain) unobtrusively carries power to the pump. Note that there is no electrical wire trailing over the top of the fountain to take away from the Jade Bell's stunning appearance.

The Jade Bell Fountain comes with a water bell and two height extensions. The pump is adjustable and the two height extensions let you customize the water bell display to meet the look and feel of your environment . For a more gentle sound use the short extension. For a more a dramatic sound and and more visible bell use the longer extension. (The water bell with the short extension is shown above.) You can easily adjust the diameter of the water bell between 4" and 16". If you want a babbling brook effect add river rocks without the water bell and adjust the volume of water the pump is generating. You customize the look, feel and sound of your fountain to fit your garden.

We have shown our Jade Bell Fountain nestled in two garden rooms. It also looks stunning in a patio or entrance way as a stand-alone water sculpture.

The height of your water display is adjustable Create unique sounds and appearance by arranging river rocks in your fountain

The Jade Bell Fountain is perfect nestled in a flower bed or in the corner of a garden where it will visually and aurally enhance your outdoor environment. It's also perfect on your patio or garden room. For an impressive patio display you can place the fountain on a pedestal.

Jade Bell Outdoor Fountain © 2003 Armchair World

The Jade Bell Outdoor FountainProduct Code: A-135$325.00
For a limited time we offer FREE SHIPPING of the Jade Bell Fountain in the continental United States. Please disregard the shipping charge on our shopping cart. You will not be charged shipping.

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