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Sea Glass Water Fountain

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Our Sea Glass Fountain gives you the full lovely sound of a large fountain in a small size. It is sure to compliment your desk or bedside with its modern elegance. A hand-picked crystal-clear glass bowl lets our multi-colored glass assortment sparkle in many shades of aqua, rose and cobalt. Our faux seaglass is multi-colored glass that has been machine-tumbled to create many interesting smooth shapes. The tumbling process creates the appearance of the smooth ocean-tumbled beach glass you might have found the last time you were combing a distant seashore.

A 115 volt submersible, suction-cup-mounted pump powers your fountain so quietly you will only hear the bubbling sound of water through the translucent, machined acrylic bubbler. The watertight electrical feedthrough unobtrusively carries power to the pump yet hides the cord from view. With our feedthrough there is no electrical wire trailing over the top of the fountain to ruin the fountain's line. A sleek hand-finished black wood base adds the elegant finishing touch. Additionally, the base has rubber feet so your fountain won't vibrate, thus insuring that the only sound you will hear from your fountain is the lovely bubbling of water.

The overall footprint of the fountain is 5-1/4"" high by 4-1/4" wide by 4-1/4" deep. Watch romance grow with the beautiful sea glass fountain. Put a small candle behind your fountain and feel the elegant glow. The Sea Glass fountain gives you the soothing bubbly sound of water, a dream for a good night's sleep.

Sea Glass Fountain © 2000 Armchair World

Product Code: A-125$99.00

Shipping Note: The shipping charge quoted is for UPS Ground. For other arrangements let us know how you would like us to send your fountain (use the online order form "comments") and we will quote you.

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