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Classic Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain tm

Classic Blue Pacific Seashell Water Fountain

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The Classic Blue Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain has a large and commanding presence. The Classic differs from the Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain by it's size and shell assortment. We start with a hand picked crystal-clear glass cylindrical bowl 6" high by 8-1/2" in diameter. We then select just the right number and varieties of seashells from around the world that will complement the scale of the bowl Our shell assortment contains Tonna Selacosa, Marlin Spikes, Candy Snails and Tonna Tesalata. *

A powerful and quiet suction-cup-mounted 110 volt submersible pump powers the fountain. A watertight electrical feedthrough unobtrusively carries power to the pump. Note that there is no electrical wire trailing over the top of the fountain to take away from its appearance.

Our specially-sized copper water outlet allows water to circulate without splashing. Sound is generated as water bubbles from the outlet and flows irregularly through the top course of shells. Classic Blue Pacific's sound is complex and reminiscent of a seashore tidepool. You are bound to find our water fountain meditative, relaxing and a beautiful addition to your environment.

To see a size comparison between the Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain and the Classic Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain, click here.

Classic Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain © 1999 Armchair World
* shell assortment may vary slightly due to availability

Product Code: A-123$119.00

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