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Who Needs Major Medical Insurance when Traveling Internationally

Here are a few of the people...

  • vacationers, business persons, leisure travelers, students,
  • foreign exchange students, senior citizens, missionaries,
  • executives traveling abroad,
  • groups traveling internationally,
  • athletic groups traveling internationally,
  • consulate and/or embassy employees stationed outside their home country,
  • persons contracted by temp agencies to work outside their home country for a limited time,
  • independent contractors working outside of their home country,
  • au pairs working outside their home country,
  • domestics working outside their home country,
  • recent immigrants to the U.S.
  persons engaged in the following sports/hazardous activities while outside their home country:
  • mountain climbing, sky diving, aircraft piloting,
  • bungee jumping, spelunking, whitewater rafting,
  • surfing, parasailing, motorcycling, scuba diving,
  • jet skiing, water skiing, snow skiing
 students engaged in the the following activities while outside their home country:
  • intramural sports,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate tennis,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate swimming,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate cross country,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate track,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate baseball,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate softball,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate volleyball,
  • interscholastic or intercollegiate golf sports
 persons engaging in the following activities while outside their home country:
  • participants in amateur or club athletics

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