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Friendship Bread - A Novel

Brief Description

Friendship Bread - The bread

Just in case you are not familiar with Friendship Bread, AKA Amish Friendship Bread, here is the idea behind the scrumptious treat: At the end of the 10th day of preparation, you will divide your starter, bake a portion of it and begin another 10 day cycle with another share. The remaining portions you will send away to friends along with the recipe, so that they can perform the same steps and pass on the starter to their friends, following a chain of giving and optimism. This is why it is called "Friendship Bread".

Friendship Bread - "The" Novel

For those who have done some "friendshipbreading", and have wondered what adventures the gifted bags of batter have gone on, now there is a novel that addresses this musing; or at least it feeds our imagination in that direction. Following the path of their friendship bread starter resembles unraveling a tangled ball of yarn. It took activist and reporter Edith Gallagher of the Avalon Gazette, to follow the trail of their Amish Friendship Bread starter. While Darien Gee's novel isn't the story of how one starter bag begot many progeny, it is the story of how our lives can be changed by simple acts of kindness and love. Friendship Bread - The plot follows 3 main characters, Livy, Hannah and Madeline, as they inadvertently meet each other one afternoon in Madeline's Tea Salon; they become dear friends. Each of them has traveled a very different life path; yet, their real life experiences bind them together. Along the path of these characters you will also meet many of the small town of Avalon residents. It is now 2011 and we are all still working our way out of a domestic and international downward economic spiral. As a group, our spirits are a bit worn down and Friendship Bread - A novel, can gently lift one's spirit. Most can identify with the characters in the story; they are ordinary people living their day-to-day ups and downs, and yet through their indomitable spirit, they are able to see beyond through their troubles. Darien Gee's down to earth characters are very touching. While we can normally be inspired by special people like Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa and Clara Barton, in this novel we can be inspired by people, in many ways just like ourselves. We hope you'll enjoy reading this book, and will gain the extra benefit of inspiration to continue in your life journey, with a little extra bounce in your step.

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