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Adventures in Sourdough Cooking and Baking, 10th edition

Brief Description

Written by Charles Wilford, this 211 page softcover HOW-TO BOOK tells you in clear, concise language about the history of sourdough starters, how to maintain and rejuvenate them and how to use them in cooking and baking; numerous recipes are given for pancakes and waffles, white breads, rolls and biscuits, whole grain breads, french bread, cookies, cakes and pies.

A brief excerpt from Mr. Wilford's introduction indicates the direction the book takes:

"We have found mentions of sourdough leavening methods in books describing cooking and baking from the times of the Egyptians. This gives sourdough a birthday about 5,000 years ago. Most Western and near-eastern civilizations have used sourdough or a variation of its basic workings for hundreds of years. While the lore behind sourdough is not of concern to us in our adventure, we are interested in the knowledge and techniques developed over the centuries concerning sourdough. Much has already been written about the history of sourdough but not enough concerning the everyday use of sourdough and the recipes that comprise sourdough cooking and baking.

"This book is written to furnish you with a complete and useful guide in sourdough cooking and baking. An additional purpose is to provide descriptions of how sourdough works and lives and the methods necessary to insure its continued good characteristics and longevity. This will guarantee that your sourdough starter will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Thus following this guide will fill your dining table with delicious foods prepared during your sourdough adventure. It will bring back memories of the fondness of old fashioned baking as well it should, since starters were the standard form of leavening in baking in this country up until the advent of commercial yeasts."

Mr. Wilford divides his book into the following chapters:

If you are an aspiring sourdough or a seasoned sourdough cook, we are sure this book will enhance your sourdough experience!


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