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Photo Basics Kit

Photo Basics ™ Printing Out Paper Kit
Bring out the artist and the scientist in you. The Photo Basic Kit™ enables you to print dark blue silhouette images of transparent, translucent or opaque objects on a white background. The kit utilizes a unique dry process system. Simply lay your objects on the light sensitive paper in the exposure unit and expose to sunlight or a light bulb until the yellow paper turns white; then develop; this turns the yellow image into a dark blue permanent image. In the 1920's and 1930's, photographic artists used photo darkroom techniques to make Photograms. Now, you can do it without a darkroom and photographic chemicals. The Photo Basics™ Kit comes with three exposing units, a developing unit, 20 sheets of light-sensitive paper, eight image subjects, directions and explanations including nine questions for students with answers. The above components are non-toxic. Fun and educational for ages 4 and up.

Photo Basics (tm) Kit
Product Code: S-115$29.95 ea.

One Hundred (100) Extra Photo Papers, Gold Box (tm)
Product Code: S-116$19.50 ea.

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