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AW Grating Spectroscope (assembled)
Grating Spectroscope after assembly
Armchair World's Grating Spectroscope Kit
spectroscope unassembledMake your own spectroscope! What is a spectroscope you ask? It's an optical device that breaks light into a spectrum. Spectroscopes have many uses: scientists use spectroscopes to study the chemical composition of stars, metallurgists use spectroscopes to determine the composition of mineral specimens, and chemists use spectroscopes to determine the constituents of chemical compounds. Our spectroscope kit is made of thick, silver-colored cover stock and comes with a pre-cut slit and a pre-mounted diffraction grating embossed with 23,000 lines per inch. To assemble the spectroscope, simply cut it out, fold it up, glue it together and you're ready to observe the visible spectrum. It can also be held together with rubber bands (supplied). When completed, your spectroscope becomes a triangular tube measuring 7-1/4" long and 1-1/2" on a side.
With the Armchair World Spectroscope you can view continuous, bright line and absorption spectra including Fraunhofer lines in the solar spectrum. The kit comes with an instruction sheet detailing several simple investigations you can make using light sources in your environment. Educational, useful and a great stimulus for expanding your knowledge.

We are manufacturers of the Grating Spectroscope Kit. If you are a museum store or school, contact us via our fill in form and reference "Grating Spectroscipe Kit" in the subject field for quantity prices. for quantity prices.

Product Code: S-110$15.50 ea

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